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Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode offers a simple interface to present and share diagrams. In Presentation Mode a large image of your diagram appears at the center of the screen as well as some simple UI tools on the top right corner.


Diagram in Presentation Mode

How to open a diagram in Presentation Mode

  1. Open Diagrams as described in Diagram Form.
  2. Select the Diagram you want to open in Presentation Mode.
  1. Select Present.

Presentation Mode toolbar's features

The panel on the top right corner allows you to access functions such as:

zoom outZoom outZoom image out
zoom inZoom inZoom image in
zoom resetZoom resetReset image zoom
toggle layerToogle Layers / realtime indicatorsIf your diagram includes layers or realtime indicators you can adjust them with this setting
Print imagePrint imagePrint a copy of the image
Drawing toolDrawing toolSwitch to drawing mode
Comment buttonCommentToogle comments on and off
Fullscreen buttonFullscreenToogle fullscreen mode on and off

Adding a comment

  1. Select the Comment button. The Comments sidebar appears.

  2. Write your comment in the comment box.

  3. Select Comment.

The next time this diagram is opened in Presentation mode, and the comment side panel is toggled on, your comment will be there. Your comment has now been saved.

To close the Comments sidebar:

  • Select the X button.

Switch on and off layers and realtime indicators

  1. Select the layers button. The layers sidebar appears.
  2. To toogle on and off realtime indicators: select the realtime indicators switch. To switch on and off individual layers: select the tickbox to the left of it.

To close the layers sidebar:

  • Select the X button.

Using the drawing (Freehand) tool

  1. Select the drawing button. Your cursor now changes into a crosshair.
  2. You can now draw on top of the diagram.

If you would like to print or download an image of your diagram with your freehand drawings on top:

  1. Select the drawing button again.
  2. Select the download or printer icons.

Adjust the position of the toolbar

When you first open a diagram in presentation mode the toolbar is pinned to in the top right corner of the image. To move it to a different position:

  1. Select the pin icon to unpin it. (The toolbar may automatically reposition itself).
  2. Select the toolbar box and drag it to where you want it in the image.

If you want to immediately return the toolbars to its initial position:

  • Select the pin icon.