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Roles and access control (ACL) rights

Information on managing roles and access control (ACL) rights in Designer.

Designer builds on ServiceNow's access control model; this gives ServiceNow admins the ability to assign specific access rights via roles to different users and groups.

Roles & Groups

Designer has the following roles:

  • Designer Admin: Can assign roles, create, read and delete diagrams.
  • Designer User: Can create, read and delete diagrams.
  • Designer Reader: Can only read diagrams.
  • Designer Commit: Commits changes to relationships and elements only.

Designer roles overview & interdependencies


Assign Users to the Groups

Add users to the pre-defined Designer Groups, to quickly grant access to different functionalities.

The abilities of Designer roles and groups are summarized in the visual below:

The following diagram provides a more comprehensive representation of the abilities of Designer roles and groups:



Contributor & Consumer Matrix

The following matrix shows the access rights of the different roles & groups in conjunction with the Contributor & Consumer feature per Diagram. See Diagrams Form for further details.


Contributor & Consumer Matrix