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Version 5.9.1

We're pleased to announce a new patch update for Designer. This release focuses on improving the accuracy and clarity of your experience by addressing a specific issue.


Version 5.9

This release introduces new shapes including "AI Model" and "Portfolio" to the UPMX library, alongside global settings that enhance stencil adherence, filter activation, and uncompressed XML saving. It also brings an updated UPMX library, improved diagram search functionality, and fixes for issues in diagram relationships and synchronization.

Version 5.8

This release focuses on expanding BPMN 2.0 shapes, increasing connection points in Swimlanes, and extending support for tables and elements without class definition. Also, it addresses visibility issues for diagram content.

Version 5.7

This release introduces a global setting to enforce shape styles, a new "Show All Unique Relationships" feature, and enhanced autocheckout functionality. It also includes bug fixes for Sharepoint integration, relationship definition, and performance enhancements.

Version 5.6

This release adds support for Load Dependencies with a known issue regarding version alignment with the ServiceNow store. It also introduces new UML shapes, UPM-X BIZBOK shapes, and fixes various bug and performance issues.

Version 5.5

This release introduces Load Dependencies and updates to Hierarchy Maps. It also includes new shape libraries and various improvements, such as adjustable canvas size, improved real-time indicators, and optimized canvas performance.

Version 5.4

This release introduces new widgets for hyperlinks and a "Replace" feature. It includes several improvements in shape libraries, right-hand panel widgets, and error logging. Bug fixes cover canvas corruption, cross-scope privilege issues, and export-related problems.


Version 5.3.2

This release addresses various bug fixes, including diagram saving, hierarchy map issues, and user interface enhancements for improved workflow and performance.

Version 5.3.1

This release introduces new "Realtime Indicators" and improvements to the presentation mode, including better text alignment, UI components, and hierarchy map enhancements. Several bug fixes are included to address various issues.

Version V5.2

This release introduces advanced hierarchy map settings, additional paper formats, and new global settings. Bug fixes focus on performance improvements, export issues, and error message corrections.