Designer is a real-time DiagramDiagram - Drawing that illustrates or visually explains a thing or idea by outlining its component parts and the relationships among and ModelModel - Graphical representation of a concept, system, or application natively running on the ServiceNow platform. To find out more about Designer, visit our Designer Application page.

This section is dedicated to users with the 'Designer Reader' role. This role is the 'read-only' role in Designer.

Users with this role have access to the diagram list and can open all diagrams that are shared with them in presentation mode.

They can access the diagrams either through the Designer diagram form or direct link to the diagram. To see the list of available diagrams, open your ServiceNow instance and enter 'Designer' in the application navigator and select 'Diagrams' as shown in B in below image.

The application menu available to Designer readers:

A - Opens the Diagram Form form in a new browser tab
B - Open the Designer Knowledge Base (this documentation site)

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