About Designer

Designer is a real-time diagraming and modelling solution running 100% on ServiceNow.

Designer is an application made for creating diagrams diagrams and models based on ServiceNow data.

Users benefit from having access to real-time data, which is more accurate and efficient than creating diagrams entirely from scratch. Meanwhile, ServiceNow admins can control which data users have access to.

In addition to the core Designer application, a Diagrams view is also included that lets you view stored diagrams and a Presenter option to share diagrams with colleagues.

Core features of Designer

  • Create diagrams based on real-time ServiceNow data.
  • Create heated maps based on real-time indicators.
  • Connect models via hyperlinks for seamless navigation in the presentation mode.
  • Create future state elements and relationships without changing ServiceNow data.
  • Enable users to commit changes directly through Designer or automatically as part of the approval process.

Best practices

  • Be consistent in how you use shapes. Ideally, they should be used the same way across your enterprise diagrams.
  • Use collapsible containers to provide an overview. Readers can uncollapse them if they want to see more detail.
  • Adding color makes diagrams more visually appealing and easier to scan-read. However, don't add too many.
  • Include a name, description, purpose, version, and contact details for your diagrams.
  • Simplify your diagram content. Put yourself into your stakeholder's shoes, and do not use expert notations!


In general, Designer is compatible with the latest versions of most common browsers. However, compatibility can be effected your ServiceNow, i.e., Designer currently runs in UI14, which is compatible with:

  • Chrome 103+
  • Firefox 102+
  • Safari 15+
  • Edge 100+


Not supported browsers

  • Edge Legacy (end of support 9th March 2021)
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (end of support 17th August 2021)

JavaScript must also be active for Designer to function.