Diagrams View

Comprehensive guide to the features of the Designer Diagrams View.


A – Search – this searches diagram titles and folders for the given search term

B – Global menu – from here you can access the user guide, contact support or configure global settings as a designer admin

C – My diagrams section – Shows diagrams created by the user, categorized by their sharing status

D – New button – allows creation of new diagrams or folders (Folders are managed by Designer admins)

E – Diagrams by workflow state – Shows all diagrams in their respective state of the approval workflow

F – All diagrams section – Shows all diagrams that are visible to the current user in the folder structure configured by designer admins

G – Approval workflow status indicator and controls – Allows to advance the diagram in the configured approval workflow and options to request a diagram update and set it to archived or obsolete

H – Diagram Category – Allows categorization of the diagram, e.g. ‘Process Maps’, ‘Infrastructure Diagrams’, etc. – List can be customized by an administrator

I – Blueprint and Target Date – Diagrams can be set to blueprints ‘As-Is’, ‘Transition’, ‘To-Be’. A target date can bet set for the ‘Transition’ and ‘To-Be’ blueprints.

J – Contributors and Consumers – Select one or more users to contribute to your diagram and select one or more groups that are allowed to read (present) the diagram

K – Related Element – You can select an element from any ServiceNow table to state that the diagram is related to that specific element

L – Content Section – Shows all elements from the repository that are used on the diagram and future elements that exist only visually but have ServiceNow table assigned and can be committed

M – Comment Section – You can leave comments related to the diagram here, e.g. relevant comments to collaborate on the diagram. Comments are visible to everyone that can read the diagram

N – Commit Button – Only visible if the ‘x_inpgh_des.commit’ role is assigned to the current user. Allows committing the selected future elements to the repository

O – Future Elements – Elements and relationships that can be committed to the repository

P – Diagram Version Overview – Shows all diagram versions and indicates any approved version

Q – Present Button – Opens the selected diagram in presentation mode

R – Edit Button – Opens the selected diagram in Designer for further modeling/editing

S – Diagram Context Menu – Provides further options like Copy URL, Export, Print, Clone, Delete

T – Checkout Switch – Indicates if the diagram is checked out

U – Private Mode Switch – Indicates if the diagram is set to private

V – Diagram Preview Pane – Shows an interactive preview of the diagram in presentation mode with all in presentation mode available controls