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Exporting Diagrams via XML

Guide to exporting diagrams in XML format

This approach is suited to migrate individual diagrams and transfers only the diagram content to the target environment.


No Metadata is transferred along with the diagram using this approach

This approach is a very fast way to transfer diagrams between environments that does not require admin privileges.
However the diagram metadata, i.e. information about the diagram, e.g. its' description, who created/updated it, the contributors and consumers and so on, are not exported along with the diagram.


A – Select ‘Export’ then ’XML’ on the DIAGRAM pane

B – Uncheck the ‘Compressed’ option, if you want to export it uncompressed, i.e. in human readable XML format

C – Click EXPORT

D – The XML file will download automatically once ready. Drag and drop it (compressed or uncompressed) on the canvas on the target environment (option 1)


E – Navigate to ‘Edit Diagram’ on the DIAGRAM pane

F – Select ‘Add to Existing Diagram’ in the drop-down menu

G – Delete the content here and paste the clean (uncompressed) XML here and click OK (option 2)