Access Designer

Description of how to access Designer's features via the ServiceNow app navigator.

The Designer Application menu is structured as the following:

Menu EntryDescription
DesignerThe main Designer Canvas for modeling & diagraming
DiagramsOverview of all Diagrams
Class DefinitionsVisible for Designer Admins only.
FiltersConfiguration of Global Filters
Visible for Designer Admins only.
Realtime IndicatorsConfiguration of Realtime indicators
Visible for Designer Admins only.
Relationship DefinitionsConfiguration of Relationship Definitions and Relationship Fields
Visible for Designer Admins only.
Shape LibrariesVisible for Designer Admins only.
TemplatesTemplate table to set Global Templates
Visible for Designer Admins only.
License Management DashboardDashboard to see the balance between available and used licenses. see further information here
Visible for Designer Admins only.
Contact SupportRefers you to the ins-pi support team to request 3rd level support or a new feature.
User GuideLinks you to the Designer Knowledge Base

The visibility of different menu items is based on Roles and access control (ACL) rights.