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🏛️ Architecture

This article provides an overview of the Designer product's architecture and the dependencies involved in its development and functionality.

This visual displays the major components utilized by the Designer application that runs natively on the ServiceNow platform.

Designer Architecture

Designer Extensions

The following tables are created within the Designer application scope x_inpgh_des and are exclusively used for the Designer application. ServiceNow tables and configurations are not changed!

Global Settingsx_inpgh_des_global_settingsContains global settings of the Designer application set by the Designer admin.
Filtersx_inpgh_des_filtersContains settings for personal and global filters.
Elementsx_inpgh_des_elementsContains all committed and not committed element used in all diagrams.
Diagramsx_inpgh_des_diagramsContains all diagrams created with Designer.
Class Fieldsx_inpgh_des_class_fieldsContains definitions for class fields.
Class Definitionsx_inpgh_des_class_definitionsContains all Class Definitions defining the tables visible in the repository browser and default styling.
Realtime Indicatorsx_inpgh_des_indicatorsContains all indicators defined per class/table.
Indicator Breakdownx_inpgh_des_indicator_breakdownContains all individual indicator breakdowns defined for an indicator.
Relationshipsx_inpgh_des_relationshipsContains all relationships used in all diagrams.
User Settingsx_inpgh_des_user_settingsContains personal user settings.
Templatesx_inpgh_des_templatesContains all global and personal templates.
Shape Librariesx_inpgh_des_shape_librariesContains all shape libraries defined.
Shapesx_inpgh_des_shapesContains all individual shapes defined being part of a shape library.
Relationship Fieldsx_inpgh_des_relationship_fieldsContains definitions for the relationship fields.
Relationship Definitionsx_inpgh_des_relationship_definitionsContains definitions and styles for relationships.

Required ServiceNow tables

The Designer application is included in the basic ServiceNow platform installation and does not require any additional modules. However, the application utilizes certain tables that are part of the standard ServiceNow installation. These tables are essential for visualizing relationships and dependencies within the ServiceNow application.

Application Cross-Scopesys_scope_privilegeTable containing Read & Create rights to ServiceNow and other scoped applications.
CI Relationshipscmdb_rel_ciTable containing ServiceNow m2m relationships.
Relationship Typescmdb_rel_typeTable containing ServiceNow relationship types.
Suggested Relationshipscmdb_rel_type_suggestTable containing ServiceNow relationship definitions between 2 tables (classes).
Any Tablee.g. cmdb_ci_serviceAny table in ServiceNow—including custom and scoped tables.