Class Fields

Enable users to set class fields for future states in Designer.

🚨Designer Admin Rights Required

Class Fields provide the ability to set fields for future state (not committed) elements during the design phase. This data is stored temporarily and used during the commit event to populate in the elements table in ServiceNow.


Restricted Visibility

Class Fields are visible only for future state (not committed) and not visible for current state (committed) elements to ensure data consistency.

Defining Class Fields

Class Fields are an extension of the Class Definitions table see Class Definitions and Cross Scope Privileges.

In order to define a Class Field, open the Class Definitions entry for that table you want to make fields available:


A – Click the new button to add a new class field and select the field and order which should be visible on the Shape Data form when clicking CTRL+M on the shape, and within the Shape Data widget.

B – The added fields will be visible on the Shape Data form for future state elements. These fields are not visible for committed elements!


Read-only & Calculated Fields not supported

Please note that read-only and calculated fields are getting ignored during the commit procedure.

Class fields will be considered by the Realtime Indicators feature see Using Realtime Indicators for future state elements.

Required Settings

Leveraging the Class Fields feature successfully requires the following:

  1. Proper Settings of the Cross Scope Privileges see Class Definitions and Cross Scope Privileges.
  2. Application Access Settings on the target table.

Application Settings on Target Table

Please make sure, that the Application Settings on the target table are set properly to provide the Designer application the rights pushing the Class Fields information into the target table.

πŸ… β€” Navigate to System Definitions > Tables
πŸ…‘ β€” Search for the target table containing the fields defined and select the table


πŸ…’ β€” Select All application scopes
πŸ…“ β€” Select *Can Read, Can create, Can update

Click the Update or Save button to confirm the settings.