Copy links to diagrams and link shapes to diagrams, hierarchy maps, and add hyperlinks to external websites

Each diagram and shape in Designer has a unique URL. This means you can easily share diagrams across your ServiceNow instance and link shapes to multiple diagrams, hierarchy maps, and even external websites.

You can view links between shapes in Diagrams Presentation Mode.

Copy URLs in Designer View

Each diagram has a unique URL, you can copy that URL and share it as follows:

  1. Launch Diagrams View
  2. Select a diagram you would like to share via a URL.
  3. Select the options menu.
  4. Hoover your cursor over Copy URL.
  5. Select which of the sharing options you require. See Sharing options in Designer.

The URL is copied to your clipboard, and ready for sharing.


Sharing options in Designer

In the Diagram View, you have three options for sharing URLs of your diagrams:

  1. Presentation: Anyone with access to your ServiceNow instance can view the diagram.

Diagram in Presentation mode

  1. Edit Mode: Anyone with access to your ServiceNow instance, and appropriate privileges, can edit the diagram in Designer.

Diagram in edit mode

  1. Diagram Form: Anyone with access to your ServiceNow instance, and appropriate privileges, can edit the diagram in the Diagram View.

Diagram in Diagram Form view


Make sure you have configured access rights for your users correctly. See Roles and access control (ACL) rights

Using hyperlinks in Designer

Shapes within diagrams also have links. Shapes may already have links associated with them or you can add links to shapes.

View an element's existing links

  1. Launch the diagram in Designer. See Opening Diagrams
  2. Select the target element.
  3. Open the links component by selecting the links icon.


Typically an element will at least contain a link to its Form View in ServiceNow.

Add a link to an element

  1. Select the ADD LINK.
  1. Select the type of link you want to create.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Select the New tab tick box if you want to open the link in a new tab.
  4. Select ADD, the link is now associated with the element.

Types of links available

There are four types of links:

  1. Custom: Use this for external links, you must include a label and URL.
  1. Impact Analysis: Where available this links to a diagram showing the impact analysis.
  1. Hierarchy Map: Choose an available hierarchy map to link to, for more information on Hierarchy Maps check this document
  1. Diagram: Link the shape to another diagram to link to |

View linked shapes in Presentation mode

  1. Launch Presentation mode from Designer by selecting Present.
  1. Select the target shape from the shapes display.

You will now see any links associated with that shape and can select the links to launched the linked content.


Quicker loading

Launching Presentation mode directly from the Diagram view is quicker than launching the diagram from Diagram View since the data is already loaded.