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Diagram Form

Diagram form for Designer readers


A – Diagrams by Workflow state - shows all diagrams in their respective state of the approval workflow

B – All Diagrams– shows all diagrams and folders

C – Workflow indicator– the current state of the diagram in the approval workflow

D – Diagram information– shows all information about the diagram like description, category, blueprint. related element and who is contributor and consumer

E – Version– shows all available versions of the diagram and whether they are approved or not

F – Present button – Opens the diagram in presentation mode in a new browser tab

G – More options – Provides additional options. Copy the present URL of the diagram to share or embed, Export a PNG of the diagram and to print it

H – Presentation mode controls – control panel of the Designer Presentation Mode

I – Comment section – allows users to leave a comment on the diagram which is visible to the creator and all other Designer readers