Loading Relationships, Parent/Child & References

Guide to references, loading relationships and parent-child relationships


Overlay Symbols

A – Click the Show references button to add all non-empty reference fields for the selected element. Reference relationships are shown in blue containing the field name.

B – Click the Show parent/child button to add the parent’s and child’s for the selected element from the reference field called Parent. This field is available for some tables e.g. Location, Business Service, Business Capability and is used to build a hierarchy.

C – Click the Show related items button to receive all elements related to the selected item. Designer will load the relationships from the cmdb_rel_ci table.



The symbols may not be visible if the parent field is not available, or no relationships exists.



Clicking on the symbols may not show any action, because all references, parent/child or relationships have been loaded, or there is nothing to load.